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[talentos] Last Chance *DEADLINE* coming soon

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    Mensaje 1 de 1 , 1 nov 1999
      >Date: Sun, 31 Oct 1999 14:39:42 -0700
      >From: "Hollywood Film Festival" <awards@...>
      >To: pepelar@...
      >Subject: Last Chance *DEADLINE* coming soon
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      >Dear Visitor,
      >If you are a filmmaker or screenwriter, or you have friends that could
      >benefit from this information please let them know about it.
      >Re: Hollywood DIGITAL Film Festival(TM) -
      >Hollywood Columbus Screenplay Discovery Awards(TM) -
      >1) SCREENPLAYS:
      >CALL FOR ENTRIES: DEADLINE DECEMBER 1, 1999 - Options Up to $10,000.
      >We provide selected screenwriters with what they need most: FEEDBACK &
      >ACCESS to key decision makers. Our access to major agents, producers and
      >studios allows us to bridge the gap between screenwriters and established
      >entertainment industry professionals.
      >2) If you are a filmmaker visit our site and
      >benefit from our faculty hosts including VP's of Phaedra and Stratosphere
      >distribution companies.
      >3) If you are an independent filmmaker join our new INDIENEWS LISTSERV:
      >Go to
      >4) DIGITAL FILMS: Hollywood DIGITAL Film Festival(TM)
      >Now you have the opportunity to submit your digital project to the
      >Hollywood Film Festival new SIDEBAR: The Hollywood DIGITAL Film Festival.
      >A monthly competitive film festival that will focus on the emerging new
      >style of storytelling - digital moviemaking. Every month, a Blue Ribbon
      >Selection Committee will choose up to three "Discovery of the Month"
      >finalists. These movies will be video-streamed on the Web and Net users
      >will be able to vote for their favorite. The winners will automatically
      >qualify to be finalists during the 4th Annual Hollywood Film Festivalê
      >(August 2 to 7, 2000) and will be showcased theatrically at Paramount
      >Studios. Prizes include cash, goods and services, and introductions to
      >agents, attorneys, distributors, executives, and financiers. We accept
      >both features and shorts. NO pornography is accepted.
      >or send SASE to:
      >Hollywood Film Festival,
      >433 N. Camden Dr.,#600,
      >Beverly Hills, CA 90210
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