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Call for Papers – Rock Art Meeting at the McD onald Institute, Cambridge UK

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    Call for Papers – Rock Art Meeting at the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, University of Cambridge Department of Archaeology, United Kingdom
    Mensaje 1 de 1 , 8 mar 2007
      Call for Papers – Rock Art Meeting at the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, University of Cambridge Department of Archaeology, United Kingdom

      It is with great pleasure that  I am sending this invitation to participate in the  annual meeting of the British Rock Art Group. This year the venue will be in the wonderful city of Cambridge, in the Seminar Room of the prestigious “McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research”.

      The World of Rock Art, the theme proposed by this year's organizer, Dr. Lila Janik, is  a challenge to researchers of rock art, not only in Britain, but around the world.

      I think this will be good occasion of taking advantage of the cheap flights to Stansted airport (40 minutes distance) and came and join us. The registration fee is nominal (only 5 pounds) and morning coffee, lunch, afternoon tea  and wine reception on Saturday will be included.

      If you wish to present a paper please send title and abstract to Lila (See address below) until 2nd of April. 

      I hope to see many of you in Cambridge. 


      The World of Rock Art 

      British Rock Art Group Conference, Cambridge, UK

      5th & 6th May 2007 

      The World of Rock Art Rock art provides tangible evidence for the link between past and present accessible to contemporary people.  There is often no restriction to rock art due to its outdoor location: everyone can see it, visit it and make sense of it.  The visual narratives captured in rock art allow for communication between artists in the past and subsequent viewers.  Rock art comprises a unique record that allows us to pose a variety of questions from different viewpoints, and provides the basis for a multidisciplinary field of study reflecting modern  concerns.     These include issues  of  identification,   management   and  preservation of this often very vulnerable and ephemeral art, creating a global  debate that governments, researchers and societies at large have to address, in  particular in the face of the massive changes accompanying globalisation in  recent decades. This conference invites contributors to participate in the current debate in the field.  Themes to be considered will include how rock art depictions and the ways they are created comprise evidence, and how such evidence can be interpreted in meaningful ways.   This conference will bring together researchers, heritage professionals, educators and intellectual property rights holders to assess the current state of rock-art research, management and  preservation.  Contributions are invited for presentations on all aspects in rock art research. 

      Please submit titles and abstracts to the Organiser (details below) by 2 April  2007. Accommodation: you can find places to stay by searching:

      Contact: Dr Liliana Janik lj102@... Dept of Archaeology, University of Cambridge, Downing St, Cambridge CB2  3DZ 

      Registration:  please attach this questionnaire in your email
      Please find registration form  below.

      Registration information 
      First name: 
      Address of correspondence: 
      Postal code: 
      E-mail address: 
      Phone number:
      Fax number:
      The conference fee £ 5 includes morning coffee, lunch and afternoon tea, for  two days and wine reception on Saturday. 

      _[   ]_

      Mila Simões de Abreu
      Departamento de Geologia - Unidade de Arqueologia
      Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro
      Apartado 1013
      5000-911 Vila Real (Portugal)

      Ph: +351 259 350186   Fx: +351 259350480


      SOS ROCK ART - Please sign the Petitions
      - to save the Dampier rock art go to and click on "Petition"
      - to help the FUMDHAM - Capivara go to
      Thank you!

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